Headaches and migraines resolved with laser treatment!
What does this mean for you and your headaches you might ask?

Your headache, even if it is a migraine type headache, may not be caused by a problem in your head. Now, there are headaches that do not respond to specific conventional care and medication. These headaches continue to come back after the medication wears off. Migraines, tension headaches and general headaches can usually be resolved with laser treatment and other modalities to reduce pressure on the head and neck. This means that you must make sure that the joints in your neck are moving properly if you want to be free of headaches.

How do I know if my headaches can be helped by this treatment?

A very simple test is now available at our office. This test uses the latest technology to see if there is in fact muscle tension in the neck region which may be causing headaches. This test is known as an EMG or Electromyogram. It is a fast, painless, non-invasive test which measures the amount of muscle tension in the muscles of the neck.

Once this test is completed (approximately 10 minutes) the Doctor will determine if you are in fact suffering from cervicogenic headaches. After your consultation, EMG Evaluation and FREE trial treatment you can decide whether or not you would like to continue with further treatment to resolve your headaches.

Is that all that is necessary to determine a treatment for my headaches?

No. If after you complete the EMG test YOU decide that this is a treatment you would be interested in, the Doctor will continue with a full consultation and examination of the head and neck region.