2 Weeks to a New You with Laser-LIPO

Laser-LIPO is a non-invasive body contouring device that safely and effectively removes excess fat without the negative side effects associated with surgical methods. Laser-LIPO utilizes the cold laser technology which emulsifies your fat and allows it to move to interstitial space, where your lymphatic system picks it up and removes it naturally from your body. This technology was originally discovered and assisted liposuction procedures because it was found that the cold laser treatment alone helped patients to reduce inches from their waist, hips, and thighs.

ZERO downtime, patients can return to their normal activities immediately after treatments.

Instead of removing or harming the body's fat cells, Laser-LIPO creates small holes in the fat cell so the fat can naturally be filtered through the body's lymphatic system naturally.

Shrinks fat cells instead of removing them, making it impossible to experience any negative side effects during the procedure.

Before and After Laser-Lipo Therapy

The images below demonstrate the results of Laser-Lipo therapy.

After Laser Lipo TherapyBefore Laser Lipo Therapy
Completely Non-Invasive
No surgery or anesthesia required
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