Laser Therapies

Cold Laser

Laser therapy Our Cold Laser utilizes multiple wavelengths of light in order to cause a chemical reaction to occur in the body. This process is a photochemical reaction causes an increase in cellular metabolism and tissue repair. These chemical reactions contribute to a breakdown of scar tissue. Cold Laser is light or photon energy that has the unique property of being able to penetrate the skin's surface causing an increase in cellular metabolism without causing any tissue damage.

Cold lasers can be used to target accupuncture trigger points without using needles. Red light photons penetrate bone and tissue to reduce pain and activate healing. This specific wavelength of light is absorbed at the desired depth below the skin to heal.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT can reduce cytokine-related inflammation and many other factors that might make you feel sick.  With this treatment the cells return to their normal function and normal functioning cells can work to heal.
A vast majority of the patients treated with LLLT experience definite noticeable improvement after the first 4-5 sessions. Many patients express feeling improvement after their first session.
Studies show that over seventy percent of the patients treated experienced pain relief that lasted 6-10 weeks after their treatment ended.
All 18 tender points are treated on each visit and the course of treatment is 12-18 sessions.

Infrared and LED Therapy

Infrared and light emitting diodes or LED therapies are utilized with circulatory problems experienced by patients with diabetic and non-diabetic neuropathy. This treatment has been clinically proven to reverse neuropathy symptoms present in the shallower tissues using lower wavelengths. Infrared and LED are also used in the reduction in acute and chronic pain, restoration of sensation in the feet and hands, improving balance and decreasing the likelihood of falls.